The Benefits of Insulation

The benefits of insulating your home may appear to be a ‘no-brainer’ but there is more to it than just going to the store, buying a few thermal products and throwing them into the roof space!

Once a home owner starts looking to insulate their new or existing home, it quickly becomes apparent that there a many factors involved. With a properly insulated home, you can reduce your energy costs for both heating and cooling, as well as providing the added benefits of a healthier and more comfortable living environment all year round.

A Retro-Spec, we want our clients to be fully informed about their choices. We continue to advance the local market by bringing the latest new local and overseas technologies.

How Does Insulation Work?

Insulation acts as a barrier against heat loss and heat gain. This is very important in ceilings, roofs and walls. Generally speaking, insulation falls into two basic categories.

  • Bulk insulation that assists in keeping heat in or out by providing a barrier
  • Reflective insulation that deflects radiant heat thus keeping your home cool in summer

Obviously, in Tasmania, most of our efforts to insulate, revolve around keeping the cold out of your home and retaining the warmth you already have inside. If you can keep the warmth inside your house, rather than losing it throught he walls, ceiling or roof of your house you do not need to use as much energy to heat your home. That means spending less money on your energy bills! That’s good for you and the environment!

In other parts of the country, the reason to insulate is to keep the heat out of your home and retaining the cool air already in your house or to improve the efficiency and thereby reduce the running costs, of cooling systems. So again, reducing energy use means lowering the amount you spend on your energy bills and reducing your impact on the environment!

Can Insulation Really Save You Money?

Yes! By using good quality products like our ‘Gold Seal’ range of materials, you can not only save money, but with the introduction of Energy Star ratings for houses, insulating your home may even add value to your home. With rising energy costs and caring for our environment ‘hot topics’ at present, it makes sense to insulate now more than ever. Call us today and let us discuss your options.