Quality Products That Measure up to Gold Seal Standard

Our ‘Gold Seal’ standard ensures high-quality products. We use the best product for your application. This is especially important when doing a retro-fit of insulation to an older home. Every product in our range has been thoroughly tested and rated as to it’s effective insulative properties.

Our high standard ensures…

  • Products must be ‘best of breed’, they must work and work well
  • Cost is always important but not at the sacrifice of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Products must be enviromentally, user and future friendly – we care about the planet
  • All our products must meet the stringent requirements of BCA AS/NZ 4859.1
  • Our installers are highly trained and meet our strict, quality control standards

Cellulose Fiber

Cellulose Fiber is a loose fill insulation that can be used in the ceilings of new houses or retro-fitted to older houses. It’s made from recycled newsprint, so it’s very environmentally friendly.

Our cellulose fiber is non-irritant, non-toxic, and has one of the highest fire ratings. Cellulose Fiber is vermin proof and has an excellent R-value. R-value is the measure of thermal resistance. The higher the value the greater the thermal resistance. Because it is loose fill, it does not have thermal bridging that occurs with batts, thus not reducing the thermal value. It meets Building Code of Australia standard AS/NZS 4859.1 and is one of the only insulations to have the Australian Standards 5 ticks. Talk to us about how this product can fill your insulation needs.

Polyester Batts

Probably one of the best known insulation products, but they are now a whole different product than the old, itchy, scratchy, nasty batts of the past! Recent advancements and product development have increased the effectiveness of this product.

Polyester Batts are absolutely non-irritant, non-toxic, very safe, has high R-values. They are an excellent product for under floor insulation especially in confined or low areas. Our ‘Gold Seal’ polyester batt choice meets Building Code of Australia standard AS/NZS 4859.1.

Granulated Wall Cavity Fill

We use Rockwool Granulated Wall Cavity Fill, a CSR Bradford product as our ‘Gold Seal’ product in this class. It can be used in all wall applications including weatherboard, brick (veneer or cavity), or clad houses.

It is silicone treated to repel moisture thus not allowing capillary action or the transfer of moisture to the plaster. This treatment also allows the walls to “breathe” in that atmospheric moisture that accumulates in the home can still escape through the walls without any problems.

You can read more about wall insulation here.

Foilboard Panels

Foilboard is a polystyrene board with 20 macron of pure aluminium foil on both sides. It’s regularly used on new construction in walls and in new or retro-fitted in floors. This product requires professional installation to ensure maximum efficiency and adherence to safety.

Foilboard comes in 4 thicknesses, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. The Foilboard product is a very versitile insulation product that posseses very high R-values. Foilboard has many applications and can be left uncovered in the weather allowing other trades to start inside work on a building project before outside walls are completed. It’s a popular part of our insulation solutions in new home construct